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Cindy Cook

Former CMO/Go-to-Market Planning

New York City

Cindy Cook is an accomplished CMO and business leader whose career has focused on leveraging technology to transform consumer experiences in entertainment, education and healthcare. She drove digital transformation and the creation of new business models at industry leading firms in each of these sectors.  Over her career, Cindy’s marketing organizations have delivered superior business results, particularly through highly successful launches of new consumer services and products, both online and traditional. 

After successful roles at Pepsi and Seagram, Cindy helped Universal Music Group create the industry’s first digital music products; at Vivendi Games she led marketing for the firm, which developed and operated world leading console, PC and online games; at Cengage, she led marketing and helped create and launch the MindTap learning platform; and at Elsevier, she led marketing efforts across the $700M US Healthcare and Education businesses.  

Cindy has an MBA from NYU Stern and a BS in Finance from Lehigh University. 

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