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Elissa Moses


Behavioral Research

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New York City

Elissa enjoys a lifelong fascination with what drives human behavior and how it can be influenced. It started with reading the backs of consumer packages as a young child and wondering “who writes this stuff?” to the academic study of personality theory and human behavior at the University of Chicago. After graduation, she landed a strategy job at FCB, continued on to new product development at Gillette and Seagram, consulted on future trends at Yankelovich, guided planning at DMB&B, Grey and BBDO, started up strategic consulting companies (BrainWaves, The Brain Group and BrainWaves Global), immersed herself in the Neuroscience revolution as Chief Analytics Officer at EmSense and CEO of Neuro and Behavioral Science at Ipsos, and developed solid innovation applications as Senior Vice President of Global Consumer Intelligence for Philips and Partner in the creation of HARK Connect, an AI driven qualitative research platform.

Along the way, Elissa completed a certificate in Behavioral Science at Yale University and an MS in Technology Management at Columbia University. Columbia then invited her to co-teach in the same program. She has also established renown as a neuromarketing pioneer, a teen and Gen Z expert, a tech maven and advisor to start-ups and a general brand “fixer.”

Some of her favorite projects have included ethnographies for the CDC to get native American and inner city tweens to get active (to prevent obesity and diabetes), traveling to bars across the country to see what makes Gen Z tick, interviewing industrial chefs to advise the US Potato Board how to sell potatoes to the Japanese market and the innovation of myriad new methods, products and brand strategies.

Elissa also likes to write and speak when she gets the chance, having authored the book, The $100 Billion Allowance, Accessing the Global Teen Market and numerous articles including two book chapters on AI and Neuromarketing and a journal article on how to change shopper behavior.

Elissa loves all things cultural, including Broadway theater, jazz, film and dining out. Hence, she comes back to the city from CT at least weekly on Metro North and usually takes the Times Square Shuttle from Grand Central. On the way back, she writes reviews. 

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