Fiona Atzler

Brand Management

New York City


Fiona is a creative marketing and innovation leader passionate about helping businesses connect in the world ahead. As a business leader, strategist and innovator, she brings with her 20 years of experience in a broad range of industries — health and beauty, food and beverages, beer and spirits, technology and entertainment, fashion and fragrance and financial services. From ideation to realization, Fiona works to transform unmet needs and culture, design and technology trends into opportunities for business and society. She has a special knack for envisioning new futures and creating meaningful experiences for people - online, offline and anywhere in between. 


Having worked with some of the most ambitious innovators and marketers at Smirnoff/Diageo, Nestle, Starbucks/Pepsi, FreshDirect, Aerie, L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Glade/SC Johnson, Everyday Health, Bayer, GSK, Pfizer, MasterCard Labs, Verizon, Johnson Controls, Alcoa and more, she believes that finding creative solutions to business problems is the biggest value consultants can provide to their clients in an ever more complex, competitive and connected world. 


Fiona’s work is based on the belief that brand thinking and innovation must be better integrated to get to powerful ideas faster. She previously led Peclers Paris North America, a trend forecasting and creative consultancy. Prior to that, she ran strategy, innovation and business engagements at global brand, design and innovation consultancies Landor, Fahrenheit 212 and Ogilvy as well as culture-forward brand and design agency Ready366. As a consultant, she helped agency leaders position brands and win new business. As an entrepreneur, she invented and launched patentable kids fashion label ziprip and explores the world of social innovation. 


Fiona writes, speaks, collaborates and facilitates workshops. She has two daughters and the idealism to leave a better world for them.   


She holds a Masters of Engineering from Stuttgart Media University, a Digital Design Certificate and too many domain names.