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Allen Adamson 

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Former Landor Chairman/Brand Strategy Guru

​Three Steps to unlock the power of Brand to grow your Business


1. Start the process in the right place

A brand is your "story" and what you want prospects to know about your firm. Branding is how you get your story into prospects "heads". It could be anything from advertising to design to digital to experiences and everything in between.

Define your brand story

  • It has to be simple and "sticky", a phrase or a sentence that captures a singular idea like Fedex's "absolute certainty"

  • Your brand story is the heart of your business, engaging your audience and committing them to your brand

  • It should be buzzword-free

2. Determine where to "anchor" your brand story

It could be about

What you do

How you do it

Who you are (your culture)

Why do you do it (your purpose or mission) 







Pick the foundation for your brand story and capture the part of the story that will set you apart 

  • Develop three alternative brand story options

  • For each, develop a proof point or experience to bring the story to life for prospects

  • Pick the story and proof point that you can execute the best

3. Execute the proof point brilliantly and consistently

When I ran the Landor, our story was about delivering world-class branding. One of the proof points was a British receptionist who welcomed the prospects with "white glove " service from tea to umbrellas.

Screenshot 2024-07-06 at 12_edited.jpg

Find a focus for your story

LobbyImageRE SM crop (1).jpeg

Image: Proof point of white glove service at Landor

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