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Irina Papuc

Digital Demand Gen


A physicist turned digital marketing leader, Irina brings a unique view to her work as a data-driven growth marketing expert. In addition to her role as Metaforce Activation Partner, Irina co-founded GalacticFed to provide clients a better solution for on-demand, scaleable, growth marketing teams. Previously she led SEO teams at Toptal, a $1 billion online services business, and has built high-powered virtual teams for hyper-growth Bay Area companies. Irina has created performance marketing strategies and solutions for brands such as Descript, Tenfold, ClickTime, Domio, UpCounsel, and HVMN, among many others. 


Irina’s specialty is providing bespoke, highly scalable email marketing and link-building solutions, as well as designing and operationalizing full SEO programs at any size and scale for her clients.


Outside of digital marketing, Irina is an academically trained anthropologist with a physics degree, having briefly worked at CERN in particle physics before moving into the digital marketing world.

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