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Palm Trees


Susan Savoie

Consumer Health Specialist

The Sunshine State

Throughout Susan’s marketing career in health, wellness and beauty, her relentless focus on customer insight has consistently led to success both for large multi-national brands as well as small businesses and start-ups. She is particularly keen on working on businesses with multiple customers and partners, and exploring how they inter-relate to drive the business.


As VP of Marketing at Bayer Healthcare, and Beiersdorf, and more recently as a consultant, Susan has brought a wide range of big successful ideas, products, and services to market quickly and successfully.


Her many successes include the marketing turnaround for the $1B U.S. Diabetes business at Bayer Healthcare, doubling the U.S. Nivea Business through the innovative launches of Nivea Visage Q10, Nivea Body Firming Lotion, and Nivea for Men, and driving the Eucerin business to double digit growth year after year through the rapid extension of the brand into key segments of the multi-billion dollar skincare category as it transformed the way the category thought about therapeutic skincare.


In addition to her Marketing day job, Susan is a proud mother of two young adults who are fanatic Steeler fans like herself and one furry child named Chip.  She also enjoys teaching and mentoring young people, boating, writing, yoga and finds great inspiration through her volunteer work at Whittingham Cancer Center in Norwalk, CT.

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