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Todd Olsen

Product Marketing


“You can change the world with a tight brand positioning and a great story to tell.”


Todd has always been fascinated by new products and product and brand positioning. When he was 10 years old he probably enjoyed the cereal commercials as much as the Saturday morning Bugs Bunny cartoons.


He studied marketing and worked at San Francisco Ad Agencies McCann Erickson and Young and Rubicam-- learning his craft on power brands including Clorox and Chevron.


Yearning to find out what his clients did the other 90% of their time, he embarked on an eight year journey at Starbucks on the product leadership team. While at Starbucks he re-invented the billion dollar Frappuccino brand, making it healthier and fully customizable. 


From Starbucks, Todd managed product development for a line of soccer-focused organic sports and energy drinks called Golazo. Since then he’s been helping brands big and small define their “secret sauce,” their tribe and how to get their story into the marketplace.

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